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Thriving Despite Adversity 

Support Groups

TurnAround 12-week Parent Assessment & Drug Recovery Programme

Our flagship community based assessment and support programme offers an holistic approach to assessing all aspects of parenting capacity while supporting drug recovery through abstinence.  Parenting capacity is assessed individually, alongside the parent engaging in therapeutic teaching through group work and 1-1 interventions. Parents are empowered to examine the impact of substance misuse and other factors that affect parenting quality, how this affects the child, identifying permanent lifestyle changes to sustain long term goals and improve outcomes for the child. 

ISW (Independent Social Work) Assessments:

A range of community-based specialist parenting assessments, responding to differing needs of each parent.  We work closely with the professional network surrounding the family to obtain a holistic understanding of need/risk.


Meetings are generally face to face in the parent’s own home. Virtual meetings are possible but are generally the exception.  All of our  assessments include observations of the parent/child dynamics, wishes/feelings meeting with the child to inform recommendations. Informed recommendations are based upon a robust, solid evidence base which is defensible in a court arena; e.g. private or public civil/family law proceedings.

Have a look below at our suite of assessments available based upon presenting needs

Taking Notes


Parent Capacity to Change / Risk Assessment Report

Our standard format parenting assessment which is underpinned by the Framework of Assessment for Children in Need. The focus of this assessment is to examine parental histories, current patterns adopting a strengths based approach to assessing risk themes and exploring motivation and commitment to make long term changes in parenting. Single parent/carer assessments or joint assessments for couples can be completed.

General reporting timescales: 6-8 weeks from LOI (dependent on case complexity. Joint assessments may be longer.

Parent Assessment Manual Software (PAMs)


A specialist parenting assessment tool for parents with additional learning or mental health capacity needs. Information is collated about the parents’ knowledge and quality of parenting, with visual and textual exercises to aid the parent's understanding informing recommendations. 

General reporting timescales: 10-12 weeks (dependent on case complexity. Joint assessments may take longer). 

Wooden Toys
Learning to Read

Specialist assessment tool designed to assess parents with additional learning needs as well as co-occurrence of parental substance misuse, mental health and domestic abuse. Parents are supported to understand the impact of their parenting using visual aids and interactive exercises and guided observations. An abridged report is available to the parent at the end of the assessment process which the assessor goes through with the parent in a final meeting.

General reporting timescales: 10-12 weeks (dependent upon case complexity. Joint assessments may take longer.)

Resolution Model

Unique specialist risk assessment approach designed exclusively for families seeking the return of a child, where adverse findings have been made against a parent/carer/pool of carers, surrounding a non-accidental injury caused to the child. Five key factors are considered, looking at the viability of a Resolution Safety Plan and Safety Roadmap when deciding whether it is safe enough for a child to return home. The trained assessor works closely with the professional/family network from the outset of the assessment, throughout and following reunification.

General reporting timescales: 12-16 weeks (dependent on case complexity)

Family Walking
Parent and Child at the Supermarket

Reverse Residential Parenting Assessment


Specialist intensive parenting approach offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional residential assessments or parent/child foster placements. Incorporates a supported community-based parenting assessment led by an ISW with direct family support in the home by a key work team, working with both the parent and child/ren

Offers direct modelling/intensive teaching opportunities alongside observations as a core aspect of the programme to address/reduce immediate risk themes

Level of intensive support is tailored around individual case needs with the offer of 24/7 support as needed. Approximate timescales/time needed to report are determined by case complexity/family’s presenting needs

Section 7 reports


Private law Court welfare assessment completed to provide key information about a child’s welfare and wishes/feelings when parents are in dispute. 


Assessment provides a full detailed overview of the lived experiences of the child as well as outlining the child’s specific wishes and feelings. Meetings are held individually with the child/ren, parents, wider family members and relevant professionals. Enables courts to obtain a full understanding of the child’s needs and impact of change

General reporting timescales: 6-8 weeks (dependent on case complexity)

Sibling Piggyback

Wishes and Feelings

A focused private family law assessment of the child’s specific views where this differs from the parents/carers’ views. Generally used for children who are able to communicate their views orally, in writing or through another communication tool: PECs/sign language (For children who are too young or unable to communicate, professional observation reports are completed.) Meetings are held with wider family/professional network to inform recommendations based on the child’s views obtained.

General reporting timescales: 4-6 weeks (dependent on case complexity)

Child Impact Assessments

This framework focuses upon information about the lived experience of child/ren in the context of parental dispute or where there are immigration issues potentially affecting the child’s welfare. A range of issues are considered including the child/ren’s development, their relationships and any risk factors. An exploration of the child’s wishes and feelings using child-focused tools and exercises is obtained.

General reporting timescales: 6-8 weeks (dependent on case complexity)

Doing Homework
Mother and Daughter Love

Special Guardianship Assessments


Specialist court ordered assessment completed of alternative family members/someone with an existing relationship with a child. This assessment is used when considering whether they can permanently care for a child who cannot live with their birth family. Framework is in accordance with CoramBAAF principles which underpin the assessment process

General reporting timescales: 10-12 weeks (dependent on case complexity. Joint assessments may take longer)

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