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How We Help

Helping Families Thrive Despite Adversity

In the UK, an increasing number of children are living in families dealing with multiple adverse issues, in relation to parental substance misuse, domestic abuse and poor mental health affecting parenting. Often coined: toxic trio indicators, we prefer the term 'co-occurrence' factors, for which traditional single interventions do not work or are often not enough to bring about the change needed to keep children safe. Necessary interventions are frequently delayed due to the onset of court proceedings, lack of funding or awaiting assessments of the family, affecting the child's stability. 

"If therapy had been had obtained earlier, outcomes might be different." Community Care 2023 

Options 180 is the first of its kind, offering a unique and holistic approach to assessing parents, while supporting drug recovery, improved mental health alongside domestic abuse interventions, at the earliest opportunity. And this all happens while the parent/child remains in the community. We work in a coordinated, systemic way using a range of evidence-based interventions to support both the parent and child, ensuring the child's welfare remains at the centre of our focus; achieving better outcomes for the child and family.

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Our Services Include

A range of community-based specialist social work parenting assessments, tailored to meet the differing needs of each family

A bespoke range of community based family support services which are available as individual services or part of a package of support. 

Our Tier 3/4 flagship parental community day programme is the first  of its kind, combining drugs/alcohol interventions, mental health support alongside parenting capacity assessments all in one  place!

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