We Offer

– Bespoke interventions to parents seeking recovery from substance misuse
– Combined abstinence day programme
– Structured support with parental/carer contact supervision through guided teaching and modelling as well as stand-alone supervision of parental contact


We are highly experienced team of social work professionals with extensive experience spanning over 30 years in the substance misuse recovery, parenting and child protection field.
We are passionate about making a positive difference and work alongside care experienced individuals, some of whom volunteer as family mentors to the programme participants.
We adopt a multi-professional approach, working closely with a named psychologist and child psychotherapist enabling us to provide an holistic individualised parenting assessment of need, risk and support. This reduces the need for repeat referrals to different experts, for example within PLO/Care proceedings.
A team of family support supervisors complements the work, supporting child contact sessions in the community for parents not resident with their children.


– Parents over the age of 18 years – with or without the care of their children
– Expectant mothers
– Children from the age of 4 years and over (creche facility for under 2 years)

Cost-effective and real value for money

Parents can access recovery focussed interventions while also engaging in safeguarding parenting/psychological assessments, offering a coordinated approach, reducing the number of different appointments and agencies the parent/child needs to engage in, in turn reducing the overall cost to the family and public purse.

Flexible approach, adaptable to individual needs

The decision to make changes in one’s life can be difficult and sometimes pre-intervention mentoring can assist families. A team of trained and experienced family mentors are on hand to befriend and build positive relationships, helping and empowering families to make positive change.

Our 12-week assessment and intervention programme is adaptable and is based upon the specific needs of the presenting family, in discussion with the professional network to achieve the best outcomes for each child and family.

Empowering families to make positive changes

We work with the whole family and encourage parents to maintain the routine and care of their children during interventions, unless this is not considered safe. Children can be placed with their parent as part of the residential programme; minimising the emotional disruption to the child.

We offer family group conferences towards the end of the therapeutic programme helping prepare the parent to work with their family to maintain behavioural and lifestyle changes in the long term. Family group conferences can also be offered as a separate service.

A child-centred approach

Advocacy and mentoring is offered to family members connected to the parent, including the child to ensure holistic support during the parent’s engagement in treatment

Parents are encouraged to write their own child protection disclosure report to support assessments of parental capacity to change, keeping the child at the centre, helping parents to demonstrate their own learning and relapse prevention strategies.


Solace 12-week Rolling Day Programme

Solace Programme is an intensive community-based 12 week rolling day programme for parents with substance misuse concerns who are seeking to maintain the full-time care of their children.

We offer:
  • An eclectic range of psychological and psychosocial interventions as part of a therapeutic package of care, including 12 step approach, cognitive-behavioural therapies adopting a strength-based systems approach.
  • Our parenting assessment and intervention programme forms a key part of the overall approach, where we support parents in presenting a child protection self-disclosure report to the therapeutic community to encourage the recovery process and demonstrate increased insight around risk management and relapse prevention. This is shared with professionals involved with the family, at the consent of the parent.
  • Progress reports are provided on a monthly basis to professionals and an independent social work assessment report is provided at the conclusion of the programme to inform future support and highlight continuing risks for both parent and child.
Mentoring, Advocacy and Aftercare support

Aftercare is offered to parents who have successfully completed a 12-week treatment programme whether residential or community and would benefit from ongoing support. Mentoring and coaching are available as bespoke individual programmes of support based on the child or adult’s respective needs. Advocacy is also available with a team of experienced advocates trained in supporting families in crisis dealing with a range of needs.

Guided/Structured Parental Contact Supervision

An experienced team of family support supervisors offer oversight and supervision as well as incorporating guided support for children to spend quality time with their non-resident parent, where deemed appropriate. A report is provided for each session.

Other Services

We also accept instructions on a range of issues for the following :-

  • Expert witness ISW parenting assessments – 6-8 weeks completion from LOI, PAMs assessments – 8-12 weeks completion from LOI
  • Viability and Connected Persons/Family and Friends assessments
  • Sibling assessments
  • Immigration assessments
  • Section 7 reports
CVs available upon request.
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